Book 2 - Demaris: Activation

CIA Special Officer Rick Morgan must prep his civ-5, Trey Carter, and convince the young man to face their enemy for a third time.  The German BND need their support to press the captive for intel.  Trey goes deeper into the protocol and is activated solo.  

Rick tries to protect Trey and hopes their training will sustain the young recruit as he is activated.  The Agency expands the knowledge of the protocol and soon they are inundated with requests.  Trey is frustrated that he is not officially permitted to join the Agency due to the service ban.  Trey and Rick are used in high-stakes, global counterintelligence. The Agency sets into motion an assignment which ends with the termination of the protocol.  

This series is based on actual events, a closeted, young gay man involuntarily recruited into a secret CIA program in 1992 confronts his fears to carry out a mission against all odds.