Demaris: Protocol Series

In 1992, before “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the CIA secretly ran a dark operational unit known only as the Demaris Protocol. For nearly a decade in parallel to the LGBT movement, the CIA used the protocol in special assignments to leverage same-sex coercion and exploit sexual orientation where it offered a unique advantage.

Trey Carter, a closeted, gay, Christian civilian is ensnared in a dangerous trap—recruited and trained within the experimental same-sex protocol. He is specifically tapped for an initial assignment in Munich. CIA Special Officer Rick Morgan is assigned to lead the experimental recruitment and training of the young man, but Rick also hides a secret. He suddenly finds himself with a deep desire to protect the twenty-two year old recruit, while those in power observe and exploit the program to offer insights on the service ban for homosexuals within the US military. Rick and Trey, caught in the crossfire, develop a mutual attraction and must somehow navigate the dark world of counterintelligence as they attempt to hold the line and survive.

The Demaris: Protocol Series is based on actual events.  A closeted, young gay man involuntarily recruited into a secret CIA program in 1992 confronts his fears to carry out a mission against all odds.

Semper Protege.

Book 1 - Demaris Protocol

Trey Carter, a closeted, gay Christian civilian is targeted and ensared in a dark ops protocol. His assigned officer must guide, train and protect his recruit while those in power observe and exploit the program for insights on the service-ban. 

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Book 2 - Demaris Activation

Trey and Rick must face their enemy a third time alongside the German BND.  Rick pushes Trey and their bond is tested due to the presence of the NSA and Mossad.  Trey is activated and the Agency pushes him into a solo assignment. 

Book 3 - Demaris Termination

The White House orders the termination of the protocol.  Rick and Trey are disavowed.  Claren must appeal to the Senate Arms Services Committee to create a lifeline, a way home for her men.  The conditions are non-negotiable: Operation Trident.